Friday, March 10, 2017

Gap season mantel and banner

Between Christmas and Easter, the only decor I really put up is Valentine's Day stuff, and even that isn't every year.  And it doesn't feel too much like Spring until we actually get to Easter, so there's a seasonal gap there...not winter, not spring, just...there.
But since I still have those hooks on my mantel from last Fall, I might as well keep using them for a banner of sorts.  This one I made from scrap fabrics and seam binding tape.  So easy to put together I didn't even do a tutorial.  I tried to pick fabrics that were pretty subtle and neutral.  I think I will leave it up until the Easter stuff goes out, then I will put it back when Easter is over.
 The Command hooks are clear and not all that noticeable.
After I made a loop, I brought the end of the bias tape over to where I was sewing the loop's seam and just included it.  Then I cut the resulting big loop in half to make a tie.  It might look like it is tied on to the Command hook, but the smaller loop is actually what's on the Command hook.
I made one in bright Spring-y colors for a friend, too - I hope she finds a fun place for it!
I like little pretty touches here and there in our home - I don't think the menfolk care about it so much.  But for me, when the house is clean and smells nice and is pretty?  I'm content to stay home and be a homebody!  Pretty soon it WILL be spring and I have projects I want to get started on...
Happy Weekend!

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