Monday, January 30, 2017

What the week holds, and last minute cookies

I didn't used to be a procrastinator.  In fact, I was fairly organized on a daily basis, having all chickies in a row.  My friend, Carol, used to remark that she envied me that.  I don't know why - the woman is a teacher and I'm pretty sure she is as on top of things now as she was in college.  But I think having four kids forced me to get my act together in a lot of ways and that's a good thing.
Lately, though, I seem to put things off just a little longer.  No hurry.  We'll get there.  I knew a week ago that I would need a dessert for tonight's scout meeting, and what do you think I planned?  That's right - winging it.  I put it off.  I kept thinking, oh yeah - I'll think of something.
I came home from work yesterday and found half a bag of mini chocolate chips in the pantry and set them out to remind myself today that I needed to make cookies after work.  It just turned out that I had everything else I needed for these super simple cookies.  Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, soda, salt, vanilla, and chocolate chips.  I would be embarrassed to even post a recipe...
I used an ice cream scoop to make them over-sized, then covered a paper plate in foil to make a fancy serving dish to take to the meeting.  There is always So. Much. Food. at these things.  So, 11 jumbo cookies fresh from the oven is all I am taking!  And no one has to know it was a last minute deal.
This week, we celebrate Hubby's birthday, and I have a visit to my mother planned.  Other than that, all is calm...ahhh...January!  I might even finish up decluttering the kitchen!  What does your week look like?

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