Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Is it true that a grown-up is merely a child with layers on?  I think it's true that we see in our kids a glimpse of who they are destined to become.  We see it in their nature, their way of speaking and moving, how they go about their day as children.  Then we can get a spark of what they will be like as adults.
 It's certainly true that I can see the adult layers on Scout, but also the little boy still inside. Still gentle and kind.  Still loving.  Yep, still my boy.
  Willing to spend time with me still, even if it includes going to his brothers' high school band concerts,
and sitting next to a mom who does a poor job of  "secretly" photographing him. It's nice to be near Scout.  He does a good job of making a day seem a little softer around the edges.


Kim said...

I used to think I was going to miss the baby years so much....and I do sometimes...but I love spending time with my almost adult kids, too. Layers is an awesome description. Loved this.

While I Linger said...

I know you are cherishing these years as he transitions into manhood. What a blessing to be able to spend this time together. As we ever really see 100 percent) past the babies we nursed in the quiet of the night? What a great job we have!


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