Monday, November 7, 2016

What the week holds, and a losing battle

You're not going to get any mind-blowing organizational tips in this post - just "after" photos of the garage with enough space carved out for Firstborn to store a few things as he boomerangs back to Camp Rustown for a couple of months.
 Why yes, that IS the Christmas tree and YES, it has been sitting in that exact spot since January.  This garage, full of stuff, most of it we can live without, is the bane of my existence at Camp Rustown.  Here's where that door came from...
I can either fight it or go with it.  I choose to go with it for self-preservation sake, and along the way I will sweep, organize, and stack.  Because until Hubby gets the message that we own too much "stuff", it's a losing battle to get rid of any of it. {At least while he's looking...}
Theorectically,  I could park a car in here, but what is the point since there are four vehicles coming and going, not including Mabel sitting in the drive, and the van will be back. {tho Mabel will soon be in her new digs in Burnet}  Plus, The Girl will be here now and again over the holidays.  So.  For now, my garage is a space I can only straighten, to save some of my sanity and practice my OCD skillz.
This week I hope we can take a much needed deep breath as marching season is over.  Sure, the band will play in the stands at halftime on Friday, but they will not march!  I see the retirement planning folks on Tuesday (gotta think ahead), the PT on Wednesday, I have a work meeting on Thursday to attend after breakfast at work, the game on Friday, then a pick-up partay on Sunday - just Hubby and I!  Plus, it's a special week at work and we have fun things planned.  It's shaping up to be a great week - what does your week look like?

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