Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The backyard befores

Late posting today, but I've had so much to do around the house.  Item #1 on my list today was to take the signed estimate to the fencing company with a fat check.  I can and can't believe we have let the yard get in the state it is in.  Drought, torrential rain, and just plain laziness conspired to make a mess out of our once lush and pretty space.  But that is going to change!
In preparation for the work crew, I will officially remove the cow skulls, including the one that fell off the fence that I was too lazy to pick up.  Also, that swing is going!  I think we will take it up to the property, as we never sit in it back here.
I'm going to store that fire pit (for now) and move all of the potted plants, then blow as many of the leaves out of the red rocks as I can.  I want the guys to be able to see sprinkler heads and avoid them!  Once the work is complete I can powerwash the slab and the patio overhang and get it pretty for Fall.
We have these two skinny trees that I think need to go - years ago they grew straight and tall, then the oaks pretty much stole their joy.  Bags of sand that are hiding down by the wall are going to the garage for use in leveling out the bbq patio at a later date.
I can't believe the neighbors haven't said anything about this atrocity yet...I asked them if they wanted to contribute, but even if they don't, we will move forward.
Once the fence is done, I can work on this corner of the yard, adding edging around the crepe myrtle and wandering jew, to include Sugar's stone.  Still thinking about adding a colorful adirondack chair over there, too.  I think both beds of wandering jew will get expanded - the one under the Chinese Pistache is too small in proportion to the tree.
 YIKES.  OK, so I have sprinklers that function back here, but the grass in the whole area just died.  I am either going to A: Add lariope or monkey grass along the edge of the house, then stepping stones to lead back to the A/C, or B: Plant a ground cover back here.  Either way, I cannot leave it as just dirt!
Then we will have to figure out what to do about the rest of the missing grass, probably to include buying a load of topsoil and replacing the sod.  After that, we can work on replacing the deck and the bbq patio.  So much to do!  If I think about it in more than one or two steps forward I feel a little overwhelmed so ONE STEP AT A TIME.  My vision is a cool and green place to enjoy as much as we can while we still have Camp Rustown.  Wish me luck!

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