Friday, September 2, 2016

5 thing Friday - ageing ungracefully, bracelet, wine times, marching band, tray

Recently I had a killer bout of gastritis.  Long story short:  I had taken too much Motrin for elbow and back pain, gave myself an ulcer, then made it worse by eating some of my favorite things:
Yes, pictured is salsa on my home fries with an egg, and buttered English muffin, black coffee.  Delightful!  However, coffee can irritate your tummy, and so can spicy foods.  And maybe, just maybe, I need to baby my old lady tummy a bit more.  Three prescriptions and a couple of weeks later, I am feeling better.  But oh! how that sucked.  It's terrible to be reminded that you have to take care of yourself a little differently as you age...
Trying to love the mom I see:  gray hair and all.  I sent my daughter a selfie just before a job interview about a month ago.
I bought a bracelet from this company.  I love the way they have marketed their jewelry and the ease of pulling on and off an elastisized bracelet of beautiful beads and bobs. My blog isn't monetized, but if it ever is, I would happily promote them. They have some beautiful stuff!
The next Wine Sunday is fast approaching - Sept. 25th at Driftwood, and this time, The Girl is our guest.  Not that Firstborn wouldn't be welcome, but it's her time to have one on one with Mom and Dads's full attention! Pictured above is a scene from visiting Fall Creek Vineyards - must get more of that Meritus wine - so wonderful.  And Firstborn was happy to be there, promise.
Let the Tango-ing commence!  Marching season is in full swing by now, but this is a pic of the band "show-off" we were treated to just before school started.  They sound great!  Can't wait to see the rest of the show as they learn it.  The bittersweet last year of being band parents...
I bought a $13 tray from Tarjay to help Hubby with the loads of crap stuff he collects on the closet shelf. A lot of it just needed to be dealt with.  The remainder fit on this one tray, and it wont get lost under a sea of hanging shirts like the other two did.  (I spy a Hot Wheels car from his childhood...)

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