Monday, August 1, 2016

What the week holds, and a little red wagon and other crafts

Last week didn't quite go as planned, although I did get some reading time in, and I did go thrift shopping and out to lunch a couple times. 
However, THIS week, I have plans that involve a creative craftiness!  Lookie what I found:
A neighbor around the corner is moving or otherwise cleaning out junk from the garage (how I wish we could do the same here...) On my way to and from work all weekend I kept spying this wagon peaking up out of the very full dumpster in their driveway.  Oh yes I did nab it after work today!  I am currently plotting a crafty thing...This week I have a couple of creative and organizing projects in the works, I have another fence repair company coming out to give us a quote on the backyard fence, I have a "job interview" for a different shift at work, and I am doing the ice rags for Thursday's band camp kids.  Plus, I aim to get started on the yearly clean-out of the house files.  Already I feel a little ahead of the game as the laundry is all caught up!  I love it when that happens...What does your week look like?


Summer said...

That red wagon is gorgeous ♥

Simply LKJ said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the wagon!!


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