Friday, August 5, 2016

Putseying in the "office"

I went thrift shopping one day this week to find a way to organize the desk in The Lounge, and I think I did good!  It was fun to clean up in there - always makes my creative side happy.
I even found a couple of paperbacks and a sweet little quail statue.  I was going to spray paint him, but I haven't decided what color...for now he is roosting on my dresser.  He was $1, and the basket was $3.  I think the books were about $1 each.
This is the state of the "desk" in The Lounge - it's a table that my sister donated to Firstborn when he got his first apartment.  He brought it back home and it found its way into this room where I put it to good use. I think it's been a couple of weeks since Hubby has even sat in here.  It was never intended to be a permanent set up, but its handy to have.  Especially since I have a webinar to watch later this month and I will want a quiet place to set up my laptop.  I hate hate hate that giant mess of a lamp. And stacks of unorganized stuff makes me twitch.
I started by finding a cute little tray to help corral the little desk odds and ends.  I bought this tray years ago at Hobby Lobby and have used it all over the house.  It's pretty small and will fit nicely on the desk without taking up a lot of space.
 I gave it a quick couple coats of black satin spray paint, along with the basket.  Then I headed out to my fav Salvation Army store for a lamp.
And I found this tall one for $11, which I think will do nicely in there.  Someday it may go live elsewhere, but for now, it fits the bill!  It is high enough to illuminate the whole desk without being right in your eyes or taking up so much real estate. This is not going to be one of those Pinterest-worthy reveals - but here goes:
 The little tray still has too much junk in it, so some of it might have to go. The owl had to come live in here, for now.
 And the basket turned out to be the perfect size for files.
 Now I just have this stack to tackle, which is mostly stuff that needs to get shredded.
On the opposite wall from the desk is shelving that I face when I iron - hence the hangers.  I framed a few of my snarky cross stitch projects, and I store my paperbacks there.  This room isn't going to win any awards for design, but it is clean and functions for what we need.  And now, it's time for me to get ready for my workweek...
Have a great weekend!

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