Monday, July 18, 2016

What the week holds: Project lists

It's no sense me getting worked up about all of the things I want to do around the house if I'm not willing to do them.  They're not high on Hubby's list of things to care about, but I feel like if I am here all day, three days a week, surely I can get started on them?  If I hit a rough patch, then I can ask for his help, or God forbid, a professional.
 The kitchen window seat, sans blind!
 {notice I still have not painted the kitchen chairs} Hubby and I come from a long line of DIYers.  He was an electrician and handyman in college.  I can sew, paint, and have a fairly green thumb..  Between the two us us we have done quite a bit of work around our home, from adding solar fabric to the west windows, replacing the vinyl bathroom floors, building a BBQ patio, replacing major appliances, installing laminate through half the house, to painting the exterior and all walls inside!  But it's always the big projects (er, expensive ones) that give me stage fright!  Like ordering blinds for the kitchen.
I have left the wallpaper alone in here until I figure out what color to paint the walls, and whether to hire someone to add texture first.  I had also wanted to add bamboo shades in here, just like in the den.  But for the past few months, I have left the shades pulled all the way up up in the kitchen, and you know what?  I think I like the window just as it is.  There are trees back there.  We have solar screens.  And there is pleasing natural light.
After I took down the nasty filthy cellular shades, I scrubbed the walls, windows, and window seat.  Then I made myself a note to clean the outside of the window and screens next week.  The $600 I save from not hanging blinds can be put to better use for now.
This week is the last full week before band camp.  I'm on call Monday and Tuesday, taking Bubbie for a haircut and senior pictures (!) on Wednesday, and working on getting our lawn sprinkler functioning and the timer set.  It's a beast to deal with, but we have not a smidgeon of rain in the forecast.  
What does your week look like?

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Kim said...

Every time I remove curtains to wash or replace them, I fall in love with the open window. I think it looks great...let the sunshine in! :)


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