Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Simple supper - lentils

I made a dinner recently that was a big hit.  A pot of lentils with some leftover smoked ribs, and some Feta Skillet Bread.  A pot of some kind of beans is usually a hit at my house.  And since our grocery bill doesn't seem to be getting lower, its a good way to enjoy a simple supper.
I added in some stock I found in the freezer, the rinsed lentils, and a bag of frozen mire poix.  It cooked for about 6-7 hours on low and turned out perfect!
I made the skillet bread with frozen biscuits as we don't care for the taste of canned and they came out great, too.  I like them almost as much as Butter Dip biscuits - in fact they are very similar and you could add feta to the Butter Dips as well.  It was comforting and warm and fairly frugal as I had everything to make it. I think beans should probably make their way into my menus more often!

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