Monday, June 27, 2016


Hubby and I are so long overdue for a vacation together that we hardly know how to handle it...
Occasional happy hours and the odd weekend here and there aside, we haven't been alone and away from kids and home for any real length of time for over 26 years.  You may think you know your spouse very well after 31 years, but if most of the time you have been married you've been juggling jobs, kids, and everything that goes along with it, you have probably lost touch.  Just a little at least.  Maybe a lot.  So, this week will be a good time to discover what Mark and Gina put on hold for a bit, just long enough to build a family and make a life here in Austin.  It's probable that there will be fun times, probable we will disagree now and then, probable we will survive.  This week holds: travel, food and drink, adventure.
What does your week hold?
{P.S.  See you next Wednesday!}


Simply LKJ said...

Oh girl! I can relate. Busy parenting, and no time for relationship building. We just got back from a week away and it was just what we needed. Blessings for a great time!!

Gina said...


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