Friday, June 24, 2016

5 thing Friday - Scouts, Father's Day, laundromat dreams, dresses, it's HOT

The Philmont contingent posed for a "before" pic on their way out of telling how they'll look (or smell) when they return, but I betchu Bubbie will be more grateful than ever for air conditioning and home cooking, not to mention his nice, soft bed..
 Everyone is ready!
He earned his Life Scout badge so he is officially on the path towards Eagle.  Hubby and I are willing to advise, but by no means are we holding his hand through this, nor are we doing any of it for him.  It is something he will EARN.  I think it's a good exercise in learning how to manage his own priorities.  I know other scout parents that have pushed and shoved their kid all the way through scouts so their kid can earn Eagle rank.  Those parents deserve the badge of Micomanaging Parent.
It was HOT out, but Hubby had a nice dinner on Father's Day, complete with a new Yeti mug, his favorite scotch, a new pair of Chaco sandals, and his infinity bracelet re-strung.  We had roast with gravy and carrots, rolls, green beans, mashed potatoes, and a chocolate cream pie.  Then we all collapsed for the day!
On Wednesday I took Bubbie's giant comforter to it's annual cleaning.  I wish it could fit into my own washer, but it won't.  So, I hung out at Geo Laundry with lunch from Short Stop while I waited for the industrial size washer to do its thing.
Every time I'm here I think a laundromat would be a great little investment.  If this place were mine, it would get a makeover with a scrubbing top to bottom, new ceiling tiles, new wallpaper, some cool photographic art from my favorite photographer, bulletin boards for community classes and services, two decent restrooms, and vending machines that offered healthy alternatives.  Plus air conditioning because omg it was hotter than hell in there.  I would have a property manager on site most of the day, and forge relationships with the other strip center tennants so we could all look out for each other and refer business to each other.  Plus, on certain nights we would have live music. 
HEB sells dresses in the summer.  This week it was BOGO free.  So I got two for $12 to wear around the house when I get home from work.  They are pretty and comfy and will help me not lose my mind on these hot afternoons.

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