Friday, May 6, 2016

Minor alterations

One of my favorite bloggers has been pretty silent lately.  {she's got LOTS of posts I haven't read yet, so I can always catch up on those}  I love to see how she transforms something  - and she's pretty frugal, too.  Paying $1 for a thrift store dud that she refashions into something quite stylish! I used to do more alterations to my clothes than I have in recent months.  But it makes sense that if I'm not wearing something because it's too long, or I don't like the neckline or sleeve length, I should get busy doing some alterations!
I had these things hanging in the Lounge for far too long - two pair of pants I need to hem for Hubby, and a couple of my own things. {um, you're just going to have to resign yourself to my terrible photography}
So, on Wednesday I took this comfy knit dress with the revealing gappy neckline and sash belt I hate and made:
A tunic dress/top to wear, sans belt and gap, with capri leggings.  I happen to love the combo of a long top with capris.  Comfy!
 And this very nice linen blouse with the long sleeves that I hate hate hate to roll up..
 ...became a short sleeved summer shirt.  After spending about half an hour on both of those, the pants got put off until another day.  I find that these little projects are about all I have the patience for lately, not to mention the time.  Plus, I had some crafting to do for Mother's Day, I'll show you next week!

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