Friday, April 1, 2016

5 thing Friday - fruit, chocolate, laundry room, butterfly, new duds

The Girl sent Hubby a fruit bouquet for his last day at his old job.  It was colorful and tasty!
 Took us at least 5 days to eat it all.
On Spring Break, my friend Carol and I were scheduled to meet in Round Top, but bad weather was threatening, so we postponed it.  I bought her some chocolate at IKEA since she forgot hers in my car last time she was in Austin.  We rescheduled for the end of April and hopefully we will have better luck with the weather. We both have venting to do...
Instead I spent time organizing and cleaning my laundry room.  There's something very wrong with that...and I'm not talking about the sideways photo! I actually did get rid of some stuff in here and put new shelf liner in.  Fun times.
Pretty new butterfly on my charm bracelet - a sussie from Hubby and a reminder that Spring is here and there is still so much to look forward to, no matter what life is throwing at us.
I am determined that I will look and feel my best, and not let the turkeys get me down! New duds were just the ticket to help him look and feel his best at his new job - new shoes and scrub tops will add a little shine to my workday, too.

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