Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday is going DOWN

I always feel a little sad on Friday - it's my Sunday night.  Not just because its back to the work week at work, but also because there are a multitude of things to do before the weekend.  It boggles my mind how much stuff there is leftover to do this week.!  One project can take up the bulk of it, then I feel under the gun.   Last week, Hubby's clothes situation.  This week, painting the bathroom:
Left to do on the list:
Paint the trim in the boys' bathroom, replace hardware and switch covers, install splash guard, re-hang the shower curtain, tighten the toilet seat.  Buy the trim for the mirror.
Go get Hubby's suit and blazer - I have Kohl's cash and these are the last two things.
Get my watch battery replaced.
Do some filing, check into refund from ACC.
Set up my visit with Carol in RoundTop
Review our summer trip plans in Mabel.
Find Hubby a place to stay for his meeting in Dallas next month.
Fix my lunches for the weekend, get dinner for the boys planned
Meet Hubby for happy hour and dinner (going away HH planned by his boss)
Better get up from here and get junin' as my Mother would say...


Rue said...

The bathroom is looking great, Gina! I never understood the door between the shower and the sink anyway.

What is it with men and their clothes? They hold onto t-shirts like it's the end of the world LOL Good luck with that :)


Simply LKJ said...

Girl, I don't know how you do it. Working full time, the kiddos, and the to do list! The bathroom looks fantastic. I have tons of paint touch ups to do. And agree, what is with men and their t-shirts?????!!!
Hope you find a few minutes just for you!!


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