Monday, March 28, 2016

What the week holds: Easter Monday

Easter happened - I can hardly believe how fast the year is going!  (Wasn't it just New Year's???) The dinner table was set for four as I thought Hubby was going to serve Easter lunch, and The Girl and I would not be here.  But it turns out that they waited for me to get home from work, so dinner was verrrry late.  Makes for a long day, but everything was delish and the boys kept us entertained as only boys can do...
 This week we are juggling: Pre-UIL concert, maybe a day trip to Brenham, shopping for Scout some clothes, and getting some stitching done.  The Girl is up to her chin in busy season, but hopefully she will be able to come home soon for some much needed family time.  Hubby is on week two of his new job and so far, he loves it.  My job, however, is another story for another blog...
I think I will leave all my bunnies and the "Happy" banner out this week to enjoy the Easter season a little longer.
How is your week shaping up?

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bj said...

Adorable Easter decos and I would leave them out all week long...xo


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