Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Boy bathroom almost done

I would say the boys' bathroom is about 95% completed - well, the stuff I was going to accomplish before getting the flooring replaced, that is.  Painting it was more of a hassle than I remember from last time, and I am happy that's over. 
It looks so much bigger now and almost spa-like!  Left to do:  frame out the mirror, replace the flooring, get another small rug, and some art for the walls. 
Here are some shots during the painting progress:
 Couldn't get the darn light fixture lifted off the wall, so I had to carefully paint around it.
I picked a satin finish because I wanted the walls to be cleanable.  That left a very shiny look to it as it was drying.  That and the lavendar look to the gray left me feeling a tad panicky.  But Scout came in mid-way and said it looked light gray to him...this color is Silver Bullet by Behr.
I ended up having to paint the ceiling, too, which was not really a big deal.  The pad painter came in handy to get close to the edge up here, and I also had my trusty angled paint brush for more detailed edging.  Worked out great.
Drying time!  Still lighter than I anticipated, but the lighter paint makes this little bathroom seem bigger than before.  That and removing the door to the potty room!
After the wall paint dried, I painted the white doorway trim and scrubbed the floor and shower area half to death.  I installed the other splash guard and hung a new rod and shower curtain - the old one did not go well with the new paint color at all (avocado green - what was I thinking?)
It's Sprink Break and I really want to get out and do some yard work this week.  But I might have to take myself and my Kohl's cash over to get the last couple of items to call this project done, then I will post one final pic and call it done!  Whatcha think?

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