Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Boredom busting with burlap...

Hubby and I were given one of those gift sets last Fall like you find at Ross or TJ Maxx.  You know the kind?  Usually full of questionable or expired random candy and olive oil and crackers?  Only this one had all things Austin in it - pancake mix, nuts, salsa, BBQ sauce, etc.  It was given to us by the mortgage company as a thank you for the refi.
Anyhoo...I liked the little tray thing it came packed in and decided to cover it in burlap because boredom during Spring Break had set in.  (I'd love it if we were one of "those families" that vacation on a cruise or on a Florida beach every March, but sadly, that is not the case)
I used my bag clips and mod podge.
Nothing fancy.  Just folded and tucked and glued.
It holds the wine aerator, the electric corkscrew, and a bottle opener.  Not fancy, and maybe not all that improved.  I really need to get a serious craft here - I had plans to sew cute stuff for Easter, but that didn't happen.  Time to peruse my Pinterest idea page and get some creativity going!

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