Friday, March 25, 2016

Attack of the oaks

Bubbie and I spent a couple of hours raking bags and bags of leaves up from the backyard.  Our oaks are out of control every spring!  The next day I was planning on raking the front.  Then this happened:
It's like the trees let out an enormous burp of pollen!  You could stand under and listening to the popping of thousands of little buds.  Some of the spots look like they were teensy bombs that hit my car.  The next day, the little crackly things fell, and well, no raking out there for me.  We've had a couple of days of rain and wind, so it's very slowly getting cleaned up by nature.
What a mess!  And everything has a fine coating of yellow on it, including my floors inside the house.  But it's Friday and I will work on the rest of my spring yardwork starting next week.  Because everyone but Firstborn will be here tonight - and maybe I can get him over here, too - for a Good Friday family meal.
Happy Easter Weekend, everyone!

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