Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mat switcheroo

 I posted about these old prints that were hanging over the sofa last fall:
 I had grown to hate greatly dislike them with their 80's mats.  So, deciding to keep the frames, I spray painted the mats with orb paint, and frame some fabric that I had leftover from making pillows.
 And that was fine as a quick spiff, but I could see that the mat's surface was sticking to the glass inside the frame and it made me crazy.  I bought some new mats at Hob Lob that were only $5 each (plus I had a 40% off coup!), but I had to cut them down to fit the frame.  Then I realized that the mat opening was larger too, but it gets better...
 I had cut the pattern in the fabric very carefully so as to center it, but that left it about about 2 inches too short for one of the new mats.  ARGH.
I did my best to add some fabric to the bottom of the piece and match it exactly but if you look at it carefully, you can see where it is less than perfect.  So, a simple switch out of mats turned into an un-fun art project.  
 You can't really tell from a distance unless you know, but it brings out the OCD beast in me....
Both of them HAD to match or it would have looked very lopsided.
I love the fabric and think its very "global" and fits in this space, and the detail on the frames is lovely.  So.
They can stay. For now.

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