Monday, February 29, 2016

What the week holds: It's all going to start with paint...

I feel like I am dragging my heels a bit on getting some things done around the house.  I need for Hubby to help me, but he's been busy with work lately, and until things slow a bit, I will just have to work on projects I can mostly do myself.  I was inspired by TDC to update the boys' bathroom.  Well, that, and the fact that Bubbie managed to pull the tp holder out of the wall, creating a hole.  Solution?  Patch the hole but paint the whole bathroom a different color!
I loved this green color at first - but I'm not digging it now. However, I think a light grey color will be just the ticket!  And I can leave the shower curtain and the mats the same.
I want the door leading to this area removed.  That would be far more practical and inexpensive to what I really want to do - remove the wall that divides the sink area form the tiny potty and shower area and replace the sink vanity.  I think removing the door will be a big improvment.  Why didn't I see that sooner?   I will get a tp stand, which will be easier to reach than the wall-mounted hardware which was right up against you in the tiny space.  Plus, the boys will be better able to access the towel rack that hangs behind the door.
It really is a teensy bathroom.  Can you believe we raised four kids with one TINY bathroom for them all?  You can only have one of the doors open at a time.  Three doors in this space!  The linen closet is fairly organized and clean.  I use a white kitchen trash can in it that is the perfect size for a 'hamper" in here.  And I got rid of a lot of extra linens that we don't need. In fact, all of the storage in here is pretty well organized.
See the solution for the missing tp hardware?  In a pinch I got his doodad that's supposed to be for an emergency roll.  But I love the idea of a stand.  Maybe I will add a basket for extra towel storage right above the tank.
And the art will have to be changed out as well.  Plus, I want to frame out the mirror and add a few decorative touches.  After all, there are only two people using this bathroom now and they keep their supplies in the medicine cabinet.  Tilling the floor will be the last step.   But it starts with a can of I'm off to get started...

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