Thursday, January 28, 2016

The gap in seasons - updated

You know how there's that space in between winter and spring? 
It's not Christmas, its not Easter.
Here in Central Texas we have had an unseasonably warm weather.  But since it's technically still winter, I busted out my pinecones to make a wreath for the front door.  I added in some fluffy white flowers and a scrap of burlap ribbon.
 I like how simple it is.  I might tweak it here or there - maybe add a few more pinecones.  Or configure it to hang differently*.  But then, maybe not.  On to the next project!  I would love to get some sewing done this week.
Happy Gap Season!
*So, I moved the flowers to the bottom of the wreath, and did a better job on the "bow".  Still hard to photograph...I kept looking at it thinking it was not quite right.  Here's what my inspiration was:
I wish I could get these longish spiky pinecones here, but apparently they are a northern thing!  And my wreath was definitely cheaper than this one which is sold on Etsy!
(I spent about $10 on mine, hers is $46!) 


Michelle said...

It looks great.No changes needed.

Brandi said...

Very pretty, Gina! Such a nice way to welcome all who enter your home.

bj said...

I wouldn't change a looks just right. :)
I am working on an end of winter (I know we still have at least 2 full months of winter here and it has snowed in April out here on the plains of West Texas) with burlap .....mine isn't looking as pretty as yours, tho...

Rue said...

I like yours better :) Great job!



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