Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bloggy plans and fresh spaces

The house is finally clean and mostly clutter free this week, with all of Christmas up and a simple look for decor.  It helps to clear off surfaces, organize and clean cabinets, wash and store stuff.  Oh, how I love a clean and peaceful home!

 And I love an empty dining table without stacks of stuff on it, or jackets hanging on the chairs!

I don't know that you'd call The Cannary Family a lifestyle blog.  It is, after all, just an on-line journal of our life as a family.  I keep it pretty G rated, though, as we all know, life is sometimes rated something else.  There's It's Just Me, Gina for those days...
But I thought I would change up the weekly posts as follows:

A simple placemat and a candle in a jar.  That's all I need...
Monday - What the week holds.  I make plans every week that seem to go awry, but maybe if I publish my intentions, I will have better luck with my lists and staying on track.  I'm sure I will talk projects and creativity, but maybe also things in general that are happening around these parts.  We'll consider it a topic in progress.

Light filtered in here from the bamboo shades - makes the room bright, but peaceful.
Wednesday - Rather than publish a menu, which I veer from wildly from time to time, Wednesday can be What we ate, or What I made.  I would like to include recipes that I come up with - a lot of times I wing it.  Sometimes I take someone else's recipe and adapt it.  I do that with ideas all of the time, just making them fit what I need them for.

Wide open spaces!
Friday - Frugal Friday!  This year I want myself and our family to think of ways we can save more, spend less.  I think that was part of what contributed to my empty feeling at the end of the holidays - we simply got caught up in a lot of spending for no reason.  I'm sure I will still spend, I just want to challenge myself to be more mindful.  I also like posting 5 Thing Friday snippets.  Though I don't promise that my photography will improve, I will make an effort!

I think the kitchen blinds will remain UP indefinitely.
Occasionally, I want to talk about books I am reading, plans I have for our home, things I have sewn or done...and there will always be topics about our family members.

I think the cabinets shall remain this natural honey oak.  We like it, no matter what Bloggyland says
But I will try to reserve the complaining for the other blog and keep The Cannary Family a happy place.  I doubt I will decide to monetize either one of them anytime soon, though.
So, if you're reading this just because you want to follow along with us...WELCOME.  I'm glad you are here.  If I don't already follow your blog, let me know, and I will.  And please, feel free to leave me a comment!


bj said...

I think blogging should be about just what you WANT it to be about.
I fly by the seat of my pants on blogging. Sometimes, before I can finish a draft, I have another idea forming...I am not organized on how I rhyme or reason...just what I feel like on that day, I guess. :)

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gina said...

I like the way you think BJ, and I love visting your blog!

Gina said...

I like the way you think BJ, and I love visting your blog!

Simply LKJ said...

Love this girlfriend! It IS what YOU want it to be!! Sooooo over the affiliate links that scream...I want to make money off of you!!! LOL


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