Monday, November 30, 2015

Teddy Therapy

{If there's a blogger award for crappy photos then, I WIN.  But people in my photos rarely cooperate and I have a story to tell, so I forge on...}
 The Girl came for a week during the Thanksgiving holiday.
Must. Read. Recipe.
She helped out by making a pumpkin pie, which, truth be told, was not up to her usual standards.  You see, she was fairly distracted... her new baby.  Meet Teddy!
 Most Spoiled Doggie Ever.
 He's a blur in most of my photos because he is always on the move.  For a shy dog, he really got around.  He followed her everywhere, and was very bonded with her, which is a good thing.  I guess.  I'm actually a cat person, so what do I know?
 He is quiet, well-behaved, sweet, and very shy.  According to The Girl, she was depressed and unhappy before she got her doggie.  I wish I had known that things were that rough on her, but it turns out she knew all along how to fix them..
And she is thrilled to bits with him.  He is keeping her sane and happy, which is good thing since she is on her own in the Big City.  It's hard navigating young adulthood on your own.  I'm happy that she has a sweet pup to help her through the rough times.

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