Monday, October 19, 2015

Easy Chili for one of those days...

It was a busy Monday, after a busy weekend and I am posting late.  After I left work, I ran by the store, then came home to mountains of laundry and a sink of dirty dishes, despite my best efforts at being organized on Sunday night.  But sometimes Mondays are like that.  I had thawed out some ground beef at the last minute before I ran out the door to play in morning traffic.
 When I got home, I browned that pound of lean ground beef with a large clove of garlic, chopped.  To that I added two chopped tomatoes that were really too soft for use in salads (so yay me, for rescuing them instead of wasting them), and three cans of La Cocina pintos a la diabla.  I added a small amount of seasoning, and simmered it while I made cornbread.  It's the closest thing to a homemade dinner I could muster and it all got eaten, so there's that.  Have you done that recently?  Tossed some things together and called it done after a long day?  Menus and Monday are made to be changed up, I guess!

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