Monday, October 12, 2015

Coffee table rescue

Let me preface this by saying I am no kind of furniture restore-er, but I really wanted to add a coffee table to the front room for the holidays.  So!  I rescued the one we have had sitting in the garage for years. I often admire the little coffee table vignettes that I see on other blogs.  And it would be nice to have a spot to set down my morning coffee while I gaze at the Christmas tree. 
I think it cleaned up nicely.  It matches all of the other furniture we have in here that we inherited from my late MIL.  It was free, basically, to give it a little TLC and put it back into the house.
I think I originally stored it out there because it was in sad shape and it had some wear and tear on it that I didn't quite know how to address.  Plus, the sharp edges weren't particularly kid-friendly, and it seemed to take up a lot of space.  {It's amazing how big the space looks with laminate vs. carpet!}
If you are varnished and you spend time in a central Texas garage for many will not look too pretty.  I sanded it up a bit to remove some of the extra globby varnish.  I cleaned it all with Murphy's Oil Soap, and added new felt pads to the feet.
Then I waxed it, buffed, waxed again.  Looking so much better!  Maybe eventually I will make it a project to have all of this 40's furniture restored.  For now, this works.
I found a cute wood grained charger at Pier One for 6 bucks and spray painted it ORB.  Added a few things I already had, and called it styled.
The candle was $4 from JoAnn, the brass lid with acorn detail I have had forever, and those over-sized acorns came from Hob Lob many years ago.
This little clock is a treasure my mother brought back from her travels.  And yes, it keeps time!
I made room in our hall bookshelf by pulling out all the old coffee table style books - mostly atlases, art books, and Bible story books.  It's been years since we pulled them down to look at.
There's a ton of room in here, I don't know why I didn't spiff up that table sooner.  I would love to add a rug, but that might have to wait til after Christmas.  
Whatcha think?


Brandi said...

I love that you took something from your garage and made it new again. Giving new life to something you already had are the best kind of makeovers, in my humble opinion!

Usaha Ternak said...

Thank you information displayed, opened my insight.

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