Monday, September 28, 2015

Useful bling for my desk

I happened upon these small stemless wineglasses at Target.  Fifty-some odd cents!  And I had a project in mind that, for once, did not involve drinking more wine.
I use pencils all the time.  I'm very old school when it comes to making out lists and writing in my planner.  And to have a pretty pencil cup on my desk is something I've been needing for awhile.  I bought a gold paint pen and got to work.
I can't make perfect circles, but as it turns out, I like the free form swirly circles in a wave pattern even more!
 Random pattern, some solid spots, different sizes, some unwinding...
One of these days I will also paint my desk.  It's showing it's age.  I was thinking of painting the top in ORB and just leaving the rest of it dark brown wood.  I haven't decided on that yet.  But I do love having my pencils and pens in a pretty cup right where I need them.


Rue said...

I think it turned out really cute, Gina! I love having my pens and pencils where I need them too. I just need to threaten everyone's lives, so they don't take them LOL


Tips Kulit Putih said...

asuransi jiwa


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