Friday, August 21, 2015


It seems like the last summer of The Girl slipped away FAST, but in reality, it started in May, so I guess it was plenty long.  I'm sure she would agree...
Her desk AKA the dining table.
When it was finally all said and done, she'd gotten everything done she said she would: finished up the classes she was taking, lost the weight she was trying to, worked the hours she agreed to, found a roommate and an apartment, and set up her utilities.
At the eleventh hour, packing and purging ensued.  Laundry was done, the trailer was loaded.  Ends were tied.
The last photo of The Girl's stuff waiting to go out into the world. We will miss her, but are excited and happy for her!
Another one launched.

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Rue said...

I was lucky with the first one, because he was going into the military and couldn't take anything with him, but I know with the second one it's going to be something else entirely. I'm sure booze will come in handy LOL



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