Monday, July 6, 2015

The random Monday post...late

Ah...where did the day go?  And for that matter, June?  For Mondays, usually I have a post written in advance about something I did around the house, or something yummy I cooked.
But not today.  The boys have been back a week, and just this weekend got the rest of the camping crap out of the living room.  I don't have really anything to say about that other than I helped them do laundry, I re-stocked the fridge, then worked last Wednesday to make up for being off last Monday.  They were hot and tired - welcome home!
  I actually have been feeding people.  I made Alamo Bowls one day last week...
 ...with rice and chicken fajita meat.  In fact, we've had a lot of Mexican-inspired meals.  Cheese+taco meat+avocados = wonderful.  Not to mention easy.
Which left me plenty of time to hang out with old friends.  Because summer is short and the days pass too quickly!


Brandi said...

I hear ya! It feels like summer is zooming by. Alamo bowls sound delicious. Off to check out your post.

Kim said...

Oh boy, I feel the same way, summer is zooming right by. Enjoy your time with friends!


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