Monday, July 27, 2015

Preppin' it

About a week ago I came home to find that the new blinds had been delivered.  Excite!  They look exactly as I imagined them.  I was pretty nervous ordering from on-line, but they send free samples and the ordering process is pretty easy.  Plus, they ship for free and I got a buy three, get one deal.  This blog isn't monetized, so sadly, no, they weren't fo free...
I went with natural woven shades in Las Cabritas brown from  I love the organic look to them.  They are trimmed in Tropics Natural binding.  Up close it looks a lot like a tighter weave of burlap.  I think they will look so good on that large creamy white wall of windows.
 Now the hard part begins.  Getting the faux curtains and old blinds down...I did this being veeerrry careful climbing that old ladder.
 OMG.  The horror, the horror...(name that movie)
 Filling the nail holes was manageable with some wall spackle.
 And I enlisted Bubbie to help me get all of the hardware down.  Good thing, too, since I was using a good old-fashioned screwdriver and he alerted me to the fact that we have a cordless drill we can use for that...oh.
The filth on the OUTSIDE of the windows.  OMG #2.  This will be remedied next week, when I can haul the powerwasher out again.
Holes patched.  Time to begin the goodbyes to this view...
Insides of windows and curtain holes painted, and window glass cleaned.  
Go time!


Rue said...

I had to look up the movie LOL

Nothing I hate worse than being on a ladder, so I get it. The new blinds are going to look great! Love the windows :)

Good luck to your daughter. I hope her stress ends soon.


Jane Bernard said...

Oh I love natural woven blinds and yours look great! Can't wait to see them up! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! xoxo


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