Friday, July 24, 2015

Hell week

The Girl is wrapping up the summer in her usual end-of-a-semester fashion.  Stressed out, not feeling well, worried about finals, and stressing where she will live come August.  So, I've become used to her room looking like this.  I think it's symptomatic of how life is going for her.  Plus, it feels like a billion degrees outside, she's had to spend a fortune in car repairs, and she's getting to have no fun.  Not too much I can do about all that.

Come Tuesday, things will even out.  She'll be done with her classes, hopefully with college itself, until she starts work on her MA.  I will take her for a celebratory margarita and help her look for apartments, and put off talking about money for awhile. Meantime, I can do a couple loads of laundry.  Mothering - I can do that.

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Simply LKJ said...

I hear ya girlfriend. Kate starts grad school in TN in less than 3 weeks. Packing her back up AGAIN!!


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