Friday, July 17, 2015

5 thing Friday - mulching, medicating, munching, music, wine

It's been a rough week.  On my days off last week I worked on the landscaping: cleaning out leaves and debris, planting a couple of new things, trimming and raking.  I made a couple of trips to Home Depot for plants, mulch...but I thought I was being smart to spread it out over three days.
However,  I may overdid it with my poor knee.  After a week of Motrin and Tylenol, ice, and my knee brace I finally admitted defeat and went to my doc.  The hell of that is, I was just thinking to myself how great it was that it felt stronger and pain free.  ):  It's like a getting a new car and having the key break off in the ignition.  She put me on an oral steroid and gave me pain meds for bedtime.
 I have only myself to blame.  But I'm on the road to feeling better, so there's that.
 The Girl went with me to Chuy's for margaritas and nachos. She drank water, as she was my designated driver.  But she still won't let me take her picture.  It was nice to sit under the trees outside.  Up til this week it hasn't been intolerable, heat-wise.
Hubby and I went to Sip and Stroll at Central Market.  On the way out we saw a Jazz trio playing on the deck, so we hung out for an hour or so.  It was a pleasant evening out there with cool breezes and good wine.
 This wine was our favorite, so we bought it and opened it with our complimentary corkscrew and used our complimentary wineglasses.  How convenient!  Summers are different now with our kids almost grown - fun, but different. 

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Rue said...

I'm sorry your knee is acting up and I hope the medication helps, Gina.

I'll have to find that wine and try it. I love the name :)



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