Friday, May 1, 2015

Things I put off

Right out of college (the first go round) I had one of two types of job: retail or clerical.  Retail I loved.  I didn't so much love the customer service aspect (though I got better at that with time) as much as the merchandising.  I was an advertising major in college, so it fit somewhat.  Creativity blended with long hours standing on hardwood floors, but the benefits were good.
Clerical, however...
Better hours, mind-numbingly boring.
I hate hate hate filing.  To this day.  I think I am passably OK at it - I can find a document, bill, or important papers in our filing cabinet.  But the organization of it this last time took me HOURS,  as it had been several months since I tackled it.  I spread it all out so I can get it all organized.  That makes it easier to see what needs to be tossed or shredded.  Then I can get it into the filing cabinet quicker, too.
Usually I'm left with this.  If I'm lucky.  Even so it will take me a couple of days to get back to it again and just go get it filed.  Once a year, usually in the summer, I purge the files.  I have a laminated 3x5 card on the front of the file cabinet listing how long I should keep stuff.  (This is a helpful site for that sort of thing)  Our file cabinet is quite tall and lives in the garage.  My goal is to never have more than one filing cabinet...
One is plenty.
(And, yes, that is the broken shredded in the far left corner...)

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Kim said...

I'm not fond of the organizing I just throw everything out!! Ha! ;)


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