Friday, May 22, 2015

5 thing Friday - stuff to store, art, graduations, sussies, fun at work

We moved The Girl from Waco back to Austin for a couple of months until she starts her new job in Houston.  This is the pile that could not fit into the spare bedroom so it is destined for the garage.  There was also a giant cooler of groceries, loads of paper towels and ziplocs, and enough laundry soap, softener, and bleach to last all summer.  The benefit of being the last to vacate the house.
 At some point I will find a spot for it in the garage.  (Insert insane hearty laugh here.)
I popped into JoAnn Fabrics for some pretty fabric to spruce up my desk area last week and found this giant canvas print/painting for $37.  It fits the colors in the room and the space better than what was there before.  Originally $99 though?  Get real, JoAnn.
It's graduation season and I am falling behind on getting cards and gifts out.  Aunt Gina and Uncle Mark will be late!  Please forgive us Olivia, Laura, William, Paxton, people are growing up way too fast.  Congrats to all of you!
On Wednesday I took a belated Mother's Day gift to my mother.  Empty egg cartons for her chickie eggs, some boxes of Sure-Gel, a new ironing board cover, some packages of deluxe nuts, a couple of paperback novels, bread for the chickens, a few empty jelly jars, and her watch that I had the battery replaced in.  Plus, we cleaned out her clothes closet and ate lunch out, which is always nice.
I'm so glad to be back at work.  Can't say it enough!

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Brandi said...

So sweet of you to have those things ready for your mom. I bet she really appreciated it all. Glad you're happy to be back at work. It's nice to have a job you enjoy!


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