Monday, April 13, 2015

Winter sweater storage

It was getting to be so crowded on my main closet rail.  Spending time at home this winter shopping on line had produced an excess of things I need to store during warmer months.  Plus, hanging sweaters tend to get s-t-r-t-c-h-e-d out.  And. I'm gonna need room for Spring stuff, am I right? (:
Here's the main stack - sweaters and flannel shirts.  I added my scarves and gloves to this pile, too, so I could free up a dresser drawer.  Hubby's will have sweaters, scarves and about 6 pairs of gloves!  He thinks if one is good, more is better...
I bought two of those 56 qt storage boxes at Target with a box of lavender scented moths balls.  So this project cost me about $16, but I will have and use those boxes forever.  If you've never tried these little sachets I recommend them - they are pleasantly scented and once they evaporate, there's only a little packet of paper left.  No dust on your clothes at all.  I wiped down the boxes first with a lavender scented cleaner.  Love the smell of lavender!
This closet is a work in progress.  (Can you tell Hubby is in love with hats and caps??) I still need to chunk the old printer out into the garage.  Why it is still living here?  Because up til now I could not carry heavy things out of here.  EVERYONE AT MY HOUSE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  Mrs. Clean is back in town!
One for Hubby, one for me.  Eventually, all of the pictures on the shelves will get hung up, too. I want everything off the floor and the shelves available for when we need them.  Baby steps!
I tried free-handing the monograms with a fat sharpie.  Artistic, organized, and now my hanging clothes have room to breathe!

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