Monday, April 6, 2015

How not to cook dinner

This post is inspired by me not wanting to stand at the stove and cook.  And why should I?  We have at least three nights' worth of leftovers in the fridge, I am tired, and I still have to go on my evening walk.  And lordy!, we are spending a lot on food lately.
I pulled it all out of the fridge to make up some plates.  Covered them with wrap, wiped the inside of the fridge. Rinsed and stacked the dishes until...
 ... a teenager becomes available to unload the clean dishes.  {Another good reason not to dirty up even more pots.}  Tonight's meal will dirty exactly four plates and four forks.  I might even reward them with dessert - we'll see.
Nuke it and eat it.  
There are two plates of spaghetti with peas and carrots, and two plates of chicken enchiladas with beans.  First come, first choice.
{I think it's brilliant}


Kim said...

There's nothing better than leftovers and kids willing to empty the dishwasher! Now, if I could just get them to load it!! ;)

Rue said...

Leftovers are the best!

I can't get my 19 year old to clean her room, much less the dishes lol


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