Monday, April 27, 2015

Freezer Clean-out results

So, last week I showed you some tacky photos of my freezer.  I wrote that post in advance, of course.  I had spent a couple of  Wednesdays not buying groceries, instead plowing through the food in there and and here's what we have today:
Angels singing

Here's what I was able to make without going to the store for anything other than perishables:

1 - (freezer) crock pot beans with (freezer)  fajita meat, chopped onion, (freezer) grated cheese
2 - (freezer) taco meat, (freezer) tortillas, taco fixings (incl. more cheese from the freezer)
3 - (freezer) leftover pork loin chops made into Goulash* with potatoes and  green beans, and cresent rolls
4 - (freezer) chicken patty sammies with (freezer) waffle fries (boys go camping)
5 - (freezer) Newman's Own Beef and Broccoli ('cause it was just Scout and I eating)
6 - Take out fried chicken (it was Sunday!)
7 - (freezer) ground beef in Hamburger Helper, salad
8 - (freezer) biscuits with Mountain Mama ( skillet mix of bacon or sausage, leftover potatoes, onion, eggs, cheese)
9 - (freezer) pork fajita meat, stir fried with (freezer) sugar snap pea veggie mix, rice, potstickers
10 - (freezer) Tilapia fish tacos, Spanish rice, avocado, cheese, pico, more (freezer) tortillas
Weekend:  Mom and Dad out on Friday, Dad grill on Saturday, Coney Island Dogs on Sunday (with ingredients from the freezer)
*When I was growing up this was a regular thing:  leftover meat and veg in a pan gravy
There's still food in there, but it will get used up this week!  So now we're left with:
A reasonable stash of frozen veggies,
a reasonable collection of meat and freezer meals,
and breakfast items.  There is also a roll of cookie dough,  a jar of chicken broth, a dish of cobbler, a pasta casserole, and a couple of containers of cooked meat that I will add in to something else.  At the end of the week I wiped down the whole thing on the inside.  Sadly, I had to toss things that I knew were freezer burnt.  Things that had been in there too long to salvage.  That's just how the mop flops, I guess.
What I was left with was a kitchen to clean, but what's new?

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