Friday, March 6, 2015

Low cost decor spiff for front room

It had been so dreary here - cloudy every day.  I wanted to do something creative, but I also have a lot of other catch up things to do.  February being over makes me want to add a little spring color in the house.
I put up all of the "red" decor this week.  It had been up since right after Thanksgiving.  Time to add some blue.  I'm still on the hunt for a pretty throw for the front room, and I think I will make a runner for the dining table - I have some fabric leftover from modifying the curtains in this room.  This candle holder was a curbside find.
I bought two of these cute owl pillows at Wal-Mart.  The colors in them coordinate with the couch cushions and they were $10 each.  Cheap.  (why are pillows and fabric so expensive nowadays?)  And I can always make covers for them when I want to change them out.
I hung the blue curtains in the dining area.  And I picked up a couple of new scents for the wax warmer.  I love these things - the light gives a cozy glow to the room at night and the scents are so nice - not chemical smelling like oil air freshers.  And no open flame.
I have opened the blinds to let more natural light in - but I would LOVE to see some sun.  The only other new things in this room are blue votives in the china cabinet and the ledge above the couch, along with some inexpensive greenery.  Real plants are not happening in here with a cat who likes to eat things she shouldn't.  I think I spent about $25 all told.
 These aren't the greatest pics - I've had a lot on my mind lately - pretty pics...not so much.  A touch of blue here and there, a clean room, smelling pretty - that's all I need. 


Making Restorations said...

Love this-I'm working on doing a spiff myself in between all of this Spring cleaning

bj said...

I use tons of red thru the winter as it's so warm looking and I'm about ready to throw it all out in the alley...I am SOOO ready for cold weather, snow and ice to fall off the planet. I won't do it for awhile but I am gathering all my turquoise things and can hardly wait to put ti all out....
Excuse me now, please...I am on my way over to Plain Chicken in search of a butter biscuit...O HONEY...
thanks for telling me about them.


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