Monday, March 23, 2015

Having a plan

It promises to be a stressful week, and since I don't have a recipe to post, I just have to lay it all out there.  It couldn't hurt to stay organized and mindful as I move through the week.  Maybe that will make me feel a little less stressed?  I had a mini-meltdown yesterday, where I sat at my computer and thought how am I going to do all of this?  {Please pardon another picture of  my janky knees - at least this time its me standing}
Monday - PT appointment, The Girl comes in to town.  Call the dentist, the counseling lady, and my regular doctor, run by the store for a few items and cash, and do some housework
Tuesday - Steam clean the carpets, run errands, and enjoy a reunion dinner with some old college roomies
Wednesday - Reassessment day for PT, pay bills on-line, buy groceries
Thursday - Take Bubbie to school EARLY, see my ortho doc to get released for work, visit Occupational Health
Friday - Take Bubbie to school EARLY, go see my boss, catch up on laundry, return my library books
Saturday - Yard work (the lantana is out of control and the leaves are burying our house)
Sunday - Last Sunday off for a while (God willing)...breakfast out with Hubby
In with all of that is the day-to-day stuff like cooking and such.  For some reason, next week looks empty, but I'm sure as I make appointments it will fill up.  And there's the new home PT schedule I have to draw up to take work into account.  Not to mention that I am getting up very early and going to bed early to get used to the work schedule - that wasn't fun this morning.  It's crunch time, and I feel crunched.  I started a new blog to help me vent, but the best therapy, I think, is staying organized and having a plan.  Even so, my stomach is in knots.  How does YOUR week look?


Rue said...

Wow! That's a lot to have on a plate! I wish it all goes smoothly and you get some much needed Sunday rest :)

Simply LKJ said...

Why is it that everything seems to fall in one week and then the next is empty???? Crazy around here too. I get on a roll on Mondays, but then am at the church half a day both Tuesday and Wednesday, so it throws everything off. Hang in there.


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