Monday, January 26, 2015

My favorite breakfast

Whenever we have baked potatoes, invariably there is one person, every family has one!, that won't eat their potato.  Or they eat half.  But that leftover potato, plus a couple extra things makes a lovely breakfast the next day...
Dice it, sizzle it in butter til crispy brown, scooch it over and fry an egg, then plate the potato, a little grated cheese, and the egg.  Get your coffee dolled up and park yourself at the table.  Enjoy the silence from everyone having left for school and work.  Ahh...
All kinds of wonderful things can be combined with an egg.  In the past I've combined Dutch oven potatoes with green onions, and a bit of steak.  Or scrambled it with leftover pico de gallo with some chips and cheese.  I'll take it over oatmeal any day!   Have you done the same with leftovers at breakfast?

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