Friday, January 16, 2015

5 thing Friday - decor?, Olay, New Year's feast, drudge, Firstborn

It's been pretty boring around here after the holidays.  I am glad they are over, but I look back on them thinking they were all-in-all nice.  Even so,  I am grateful for the end of 2014.  I'll probably say that a few times more before we get out of January.  Other than my PT and daily drudge I haven't done much.
We managed to get the rest of  Christmas down and stored Sunday.  I left out some winter-y looking decor because 1. Hello, it's still winter, and 2. I just can't do it all yet with the decorating and the fussing.  I can't climb step stools and don't feel like killing myself to haul stuff around.  Plus, I can't be going to Hob Lob or Michael's.  So, nothing exciting to see at my house.
I ran out of body wash so Hubby bought me this.  It's fab, go get some!  I usually struggle with very dry skin in the winter that itches and requires loads of lotion.  Not since I've been using this bodywash.  It smells fresh and wonderful, too.
New Year's Eve, we found that we were last minute empty nesters.  Hubby and I had the most delicious meal and a very nice time, just the two of us.  Hello NY strip, scallops, stuffed portabellos, and roasted brussel sprouts.  YUM.  We may have also had lots of wine and managed to stay up until midnight to text all of the kids. We decided it was going to be our new thing!
UGH.  Some things never change.  At least in here I can sit while I iron. 
My sweet Firstborn turns 25 on Sunday.  We will celebrate with ribs,loaded baked potatoes, ranch beans, and Big as Yo Face cookies*.  Firstborn is coming into his own as an adult.  That's both gratifying and terrifying.  We've been able to keep him close while letting him go; no easy trick.  I wish for him a year of opportunity and growth, filled with love.  Wish I could wrap that up and give it to him on Sunday!

*These are giant chocolate chip cookies.  I will make extra to send home with him, too!

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