Monday, December 15, 2014

Mealplan Monday #141 and I miss crafting

 I really love doing crafty stuff at Christmastime, but I can't go shopping for schtuff, so I mainly make do with what I have. Case in point: I made another of those little "trees" out of a paperback.  Last year I used a Reader's Digest.  But I think I like the black and cream effect better with a paperback and there are more pages.
You can't quite fold it the same way you do the magazine, or it won't be tree-shaped.  My first attempt looked like a weird geometric object d'art.
So I added in a fold and it worked out better.
I topped it with a scrap of holiday ribbon and called it done.  Even with limping back and forth to my craft stash it was easy and helped me focus on doing something fun.
Monday - Meatballs in BBQ sauce, masheds, spinach
Tuesday -  Baked Chicken and Stuffing with gravy, fresh broccoli
Wednesday - Skillet Beef and Beans, salad
Thursday - Chicken Taco Soup
Friday - Fish filets, sweet potatoes, cabbage, rolls
Saturday - WACO!
Sunday - Turkey a la King on toast
Dessert will be - believe it or not, there is still birthday cake in the freezer!  I am trying to clean out the freezer this week and make the list much shorter for Hubby!
However, there are things you can order on-line to create a craft at home, if you are willing to pay postage or order the minimum amount.
All I needed for this pampering gift was grocery type items, and I had Hubby Pick those up.  This project was simple to do and it sounds like it will be very soothing! 
It includes this fabulous essential oil that smells of orange, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg - I might have gone a little heavy on the scent.  Oh, well!   {Go here for the project instructions} Creativity is a good boost to mental health - can't wait to get back to doing more of these projects.

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Brandi said...

Love your little tree! I've never seen something like that before! Such a great way to recycle.


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