Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What I will miss this Thanksgiving...

Last year at this time I was "training" - power walking several miles a week to do the Annual Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot.  5 miles in and around downtown Austin with a few thousand other Austinites on a chilly Thanksgiving morning.
I plugged in my earbuds and kept a steady pace for the whole thing - it was mind over muscle on some of the streets - downtown Austin streets are a little more challenging than the ones in my own neighborhood!
 I lost The Girl right off the bat - she's a runner.  And Scout hung out with me as long as he could - but the crowds were craaazy. 
We all ended up at the same place, and they weren't all that far ahead of me the whole time!
 I was proud of myself - I'm no kind of athlete at all.  Just someone who was trying to stay healthy, raise money for a good cause,and spend time doing something meaningful on Thanksgiving Day.
I will be cheering them on from the sidelines this year, but I have set up fundraising pages for them so I can still be a part of something big on Turkey Day.  And God willing,I will be two weeks or more into my physical therapy and able to have a fun day with them eating, playing games, and making plans for Christmas!
And you can help, too - go donate here or here.  
Or, if you're in the Austin area, just sign up for it.  It was so much fun!
Time to get ready to trot!

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