Monday, November 24, 2014

Mealplan Monday #138 and salvaging!

I was beyond dismayed to see that my favorite afghan had a gaping hole in it!  My late mother in law bought it for me at a Galveston church bazaar when Hubby and I were only dating.  I LOVE IT.
 Shocked and horrified.
I have no idea how to crochet and no way to get new yarn for it - besides that would look strange, no?
 The only thing I could see to do is remove a couple of damaged rows - at least there is still plenty of it to cover my lap while I read or watch TV.  Sad to see bits of it cut off.
Monday - Teriyaki Salmon, veggie, salad
Tuesday - Freezer Clean-out, or take out
Wednesday - Tacos, refrieds, salad
Friday - Brisket, Loaded Potato Casserole*, BBQ beans
Saturday - Turkey Soup (from the turkey carcass)
Sunday - Dr. Martin's Mix (we never got around to having this 3 weeks ago...)
Dessert will be leftover goodies from my birthday and Thanksgiving.
*recipe coming
 This afghan has been in constant use by me for thirty years.  I would love to learn to make these.  Everyone on my Christmas list would get one.  The colors are so weirdly wonderful together.
Having it spread out on me makes everything mo betta.

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