Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Repurposing old towels towels.  Fluffy, puffy, wonderful.  When I start noticing how worn out and terrible our towels are I love to buy a few - only as many as I can get rid of so my linen closet doesn't explode!
 You can't beat white towels.  You can always tell if they are dirty and bleach sanitizes them without ruining them.  And they go with any color scheme. 
 Here are the old ones - stained, holey, frayed.  A couple of them will go into the garage for use as "shop towels".  The rest I will make into cleaning cloths for around the house.  I have purchased many a cleaning cloth, but if I can make my own, why not?
 I lay one of my current ones against the towel as a guide, then trace it out with my rotary cutter.  It doesn't have to be perfect!
 Nosy Rosy Sugar had to come see what's up.
 A stack of 10 new cleaning cloths ready for some edging to keep them intact.
 I used a wide zig zag to "bind" the edges.
 After a couple of uses and washes you can trim the stray threads if they get long.
I keep them folded in a plastic bin under the kitchen sink, ready for action.  I also keep some in both bathrooms for cleaning - not for bathing!  When I have a bunch of them to wash, in they go with hot water and bleach.  These will last a long time since the original towels were still fairly sturdy.  It makes me feel good to be so frugal!

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