Friday, June 27, 2014

Our summer schedule (until band camp begins!)

I decided to write a simple schedule for us to follow for the summer - I'm trying to keep from getting so bogged down in doing chores every day that the summer slips away from us without getting to do much...that's a bummer for Bubbie, and no fun for me, either.  And he's been super bored, which is also no good.  At the same time, I want to carve out time for me to exercise and get to read.  So here's what we want to get done, at a minimum, each day:
Monday - Mom home by 3, go to pool, grocery shop, scout meeting in p.m.   Boys do their laundry while I'm at work.
Tuesday - Mom home by 3, then walk.  Do laundry, clean floors, boys take trash and recycles to the curb, mom make out menus and vacuum house.
Wednesday - Field trippin', go to pool, eat lunch out, run errands. Note - We decided to eat lunch out once per week, someplace new!  Last week was Lucy's:

It was so delish, but a bit on the pricey side, so that's why we're only doing the lunch out thing once a week.
Thursday - Mom walk, visit library, iron, everyone change sheets, Bubbie cook (He wants to learn to cook this summer - on his list to start are pretzels, donuts, and something with marzipan...), mom do desk work (bills, etc.)
Friday - Go to pool, movie night, gas up and clean car, mom finish up loose-end projects, get weekend filler groceries and something for Dad to grill.

******We will change up the schedule as we need to and I won't have to do certain chores more than once a week - win!******

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