Friday, May 23, 2014

5 thing Friday - Sugar, recycles, apples, blooms, Bubbie

My kitty got sick.  I have no idea what she could have gotten into.  We don't have real indoor plants, I feed her old lady cat food, we don't let her outside.  She puked spit so much it was tinged green.  She pooped in the hall.  She was listless and not eating or drinking.  She never does these things.
I moved her to a towel in the bathroom.  She didn't even scream to be let out.  It'was worrisome.  She got better, but I have no idea what that was all about.
The recycle bin overflowing to the brim is a good thing, but a pain in the rear.  Much as I would like to keep it's unattractiveness hidden away in the pantry, it just gets full too often.  I'm thankful that Austin has such a great recycle program.  Our street dumpster is full to the brim every two weeks.
Wrinkly almost-too-old apples are fabulous in apple cake with walnuts.  At least they don't go to waste.  Although, it's getting to be too hot here to use the oven on a regular basis.  They are also great in oatmeal and no one notices they aren't as crisp.
Not everything you buy at Dollar Tree is worth a buck.  Though my Mother's Day bouquet for work turned out pretty, it was a pain to put together because the blooms kept falling off the stems.    And the pink plastic cutlery I bought to match actually became deformed in hot food. 
Bubbie earned First Class, Second Class, Honor Scout, and Order of the Arrow at the last Court of Honor.  Next stop: Star Scout.  He's growing like a weed and doing well in school.  And he got his braces off this week - halleluyah!

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