Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Well, hail...

Last week I was startled awake from a blissful and much-needed nap by silence...and a looming darkness that came over the bedroom mid-afternoon.  I looked out the window and about freaked out.  it was suddenly very dark and the weather radio started blaring in the distance. 
I am not a fan of bad weather.  That's a mild way of saying that it puts me in a state where about all I can do is hide in a closet while trying not to panic the kids.  If hubby is home, he tries to talk soothingly to me...but I cannot relax.  It scares me to death to hear loud roaring wind or hail.
 A lot of times hail is followed by tornadoes.  I still clearly remember a Spring day years ago when I came home during black skies with two little ones, climbed into the tub with them, hauled a mattress over us, and waited out a storm system that spawned an F5 twister that flattened Jerrell, Texas.  Hubby was out doing his emergency radio thing.  I was calm for the kids, but I was dying of fright inside,
We had quite a few dead birds in our yard and the neighbor lost his patio roof.   Then a few years back, we had to replace our roof due to a Spring hailstorm that bombed the house with golf ball sized hail.  It was very scary, very loud. Almost every house in the neighborhood had their roof replaced. 
 This time around they were only pea-sized. It's times like this I wish we had space in the garage to park the cars!
 And it was weird that seconds after they fell, the sun was shining bright.
Gotta roll with the weird Texas weather.  Can't do anything about it, after all!  Today I have plans to work on getting all the oak leaves up before the trees start dropping hopefully it won't rain or hail til I can do so!

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