Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cheesey Olive French Bread

I was making a big pot of beans and leftover pork ribs last week and felt pretty blah over making cornbread.  Then I remembered that I had everything to make this delish cheesey French Bread!
A pot of beans is the easiest dinner to make at my house.  Everyone eats them up without complaint, and if there's leftover meat from grill night, it goes right on into the pot.  I wash and pick through the beans, but I don't soak them.  Cover them with water and added the frozen meat.  Wah. La.  I know.  My life is hard.
I first saw this French Bread thingy in the Pioneer Woman's cookbook, but since then I've seen it just about everywhere on the interwebs, and true to form, I had to tinker with the ingredients a little to fit what I had on hand.
I used: a half cup of mayo, 6 T of real butter, 1/3 jar of mixed black and green olives, some roasted red and yellow bell peppers, the last three green onions from the week, a nub of cheddar, and some monterrey jack.  I estimate I used a little over a cup of shredded cheese.
 I softened the butter in the bowl, then started chopping and measuring all the veggies and dumped them in.
 In went the mayo and the cheese, followed by some fresh-ground black pepper.
 Oooh...this would be a good dip, too!  Preheat the oven to 400 or so.
 I cut the bread in half and slathered the cheese topping on.
 I baked it about 10 minutes or so.  I was going for some golden edges on the bread.
Yep.  That was good!

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