Friday, April 11, 2014

5 thing Friday - Sugar, siblings, treats, shoesies, wrinkles

I thought I had it all figured out that Sugar had a food allergy to the canned food.  Once I started feeding her old lady dry food, she did so much better.  Then I ran out and subbed in some other dry food that was for hairballs.  Vomit City.  Again.  
 It's a good thing we like her.
 These two came for dinner on Sunday and had not seen each other since New Year's Day.  So they had to catch up on pestering, finger poking,
 and shunning the photographer.  It will be sad for them when The Girl moves to the big city after graduation.  I envision Firstborn staying put in Austin.  But I could be wrong.
 I took the easy way out this year and purchased these big plastic eggs to put a few treats in.  My kids aren't really kids any more (sniff) so simple is pretty much the order of the day.
 Speaking of Easter, I am OFF that Sunday!  I get to go to church in my new pretty pink Easter sandals and have a great meal with all my peeps.  Maybe I will talk Scout into taking another family photo.
Time marches on and Hubby and I still haven't made progress on ripping the carpet up in the hallway to replace it with laminate.  Those wrinkles travel all the way down the hall and into the master bedroom and closet.  I so want this carpet gone.  The plan is to get the bedroom carpet cleaned and re-stretched, tile the bathrooms, and install laminate in the hall.  As you can see, we have made zero progress.   Goal for next week:  get motivated to go pick out tile, and find the laminate.  Wish me luck. 

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